Full Time (30 hours) LPN Specialist

Hiring In: Allegany


Base Wage/Salary (beginning range/rate): $19.00 – $26.00 (35 minimum weekly hours)

Under the supervision and direction of the Senior RN Care Coordinator (SRNCC), or as may be delegated to RN Care Coordinator staff, the LPN Specialist is responsible for providing care to selected patients in their homes and supporting care management functions of RN staff in both the home setting and the office environment.  Routine patient care assignments are made by the scheduling department in collaboration with the SRNCC for LPN and Hospice Aide (when necessary) levels of care.  Other visits may be coordinated by the supervising nurse in the event of immediate needs that arise and in support of RN staff. The SRNCC oversees care management support functions in the office environment.




  1. Identifies and reports nursing findings of the patient (and as applicable the Primary Care Giver) as identified in the plan of care or as emerge during the LPN nursing visit.
  2. Consistently follows infection control policy and procedures.
  3. Identifies triggers associated with impending patient or caregiver crisis and notifies the assigned RN case manager immediately.
  4. Responds to IDT crisis plans and interventions by implementing the adjusted plan of care during needed continuous care hours/added hours.
  5. Accommodates the daily unexpected urgent changes, identified by the Senior RN Care Coordinator or RN designee, in patient intensity and prognosis by readily accepting adjustments in assigned visit routine.
  6. Reports, via direct and indirect contact, to the Senior RN Care Coordinator or RN designee to receive report of patient care issues and determine if adjustments in the LPN Specialist visit plan are required.
  7. Assists with phone triage for patient and primary care giver concerns within their scope of practice and report to the RN Care Coordinator assigned to the case.
  8. Updates the patients Primary Physician with observed changes in patient status within their scope of practice.
  9. Receives verbal/phone orders form the IDT physician and or Primary Care physician within their scope of practice when necessary. Transcribes and documents orders received in the clinical record. All LPN verbal orders are co-signed by the RN Care Coordinator assigned to the case.
  10. Accepts routine LPN and Hospice Aide assignments from the scheduling department, in collaboration with the Senior RN Care Coordinator.
  11. Accommodates the needs of the agency for both home care and hospice patients, especially demonstrating ongoing proficiency and skill in areas that promote comfort and calm in all hospice environments.

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  1.   Provides care and assistance with activities of daily living, following a prescribed diet and providing assistance with rehabilitation measures, promoting well-being and assurance.
  2.     Implementation of the plan of care, including the provision of LPN services as authorized by a physician and as supervised by the Senior RN Care Coordinator or RN designee.
  3.    Administration of specialized treatments, as may be indicated, within the framework of

the plan of care and the limits of licensure.

  1. Assists with patient care coordination and referrals when in the office, as directed by the

Senior RN Care Coordinator or RN designee. Obtains and documents referral information including communication with patients, families, primary care givers, referral sources and community physicians.

  1.             Assists with the patient admission process within their scope of practice and under the       supervision of the Senior RNCC or designee. Tasks may include but are not limited to; calls to community physicians, pharmacies, medical equipment companies and Procare pharmacy.
  2.  Completes documentation and required reports in a timely manner and in accordance with

applicable protocols.

  1. Participates in team meetings or other client/patient conferences as may be assigned.
  2. Remains available for subject-to-call assignment.
  3. Adheres to and reflects organizational values in daily work.
  4. Serves on agency committees as may be assigned.
  5. Maintains an obligation to report wrongdoing/violation of agency policies, applicable

federal, state and local laws, and rules and regulations pertaining to agency operations, to

immediate supervisor or identified compliance officer.

  1. Completes all mandatory inservice education programs and completes any other additional

inservice hours that are minimally required for the position.


The above examples of work may not be a complete statement of all assignments that may be inherent to the position.  Other duties may be assigned as deemed necessary and appropriate by the Senior RN Care Coordinator, Nursing Services Supervisor, Chief Nursing Officer, or Administrator/CEO.


Minimum qualifications:


  1. Current license and registration to practice nursing in the state of New York.
  2. One (1) year skilled nursing facility, home care or hospital experience. Six (6) months hospice experience desired.
  3. Able to perform a one-person transfer under routine and emergency situations, reposition a bedbound patient alone, and perform repetitive movements of the upper extremities.
  4. BLS certification.
  5. Effective verbal and written communication skills, including telephone etiquette.
  6. Experience with electronic medical record (EMR) documentation preferred; computer literacy required.
  7. Acceptable driver’s license and automobile available with current insurance.
  8. Successful completion of proficiency in medication administration exam.
  9. Availability by telephone.
  10. Other requirements (physical) – see attached